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Group Classes

Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA

With Sean sutton, Greg Randell

JKD Unlimited BJJ and MMA For The Street Instructors

This class is geared for kids between 7 and 13 years old. Your kids will learn the skills of the highly efficient art Brazilian Jiujitsu and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts all geared toward functional self defense!

Competitions are also available, but not required!

MMA For the Street

Sean Sutton | Greg Randell

JKD Unlimited Full Instructor

Using the principles of Mixed Martial Arts, proven through the crucible of training and competition, to bring real world functional self-defense to practitioners of all levels!

Jean Jacques Machado Jiujitsu

WITH shawn and jon meyer and shane kremelmeyer

JJMJJ Black Belt Instructors

Learn the techniques and methodologies of Brazilian Jiujitsu from the only instructors certified by the legendaryMaster Jean Jacques Machado in Cincinnati!

Good for beginners to advanced practitioners!

Brazilian Jiujitsu
For The Street

Sean Sutton | Greg Randell

BJJ For The Street Black Belt Instructor

BJJ for the Street is Brazilian Jiujitsu at it’s root! In this class you will learn the ever evolving, competition tested techniques and how to apply them in real world self defense situations, with resistance!

This class also covers techniques for grappling and MMA competitions. Great for all levels!

Jeet Kune Do
(Meyer Martial Arts)

WITH shawn and jon meyer and shane kremelmeyer

JKD Concepts Full Instructor

Jeet Kune Do is the art created by the incomparable Bruce Lee; JKD Concepts is the expression of the art and the blending of numerous style by the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto. Follow the link for more details!

JKD Unlimited

Sean Sutton | Greg Randell

JKD Unlimited Full Instructor | Battlefield Kali Stick, Knife, and Sword Instructor

Hybrid class featuring Battlefield Kali, Silat for the Street, Muay Thai, Jun Fan JKD (Functional Trapping), and MMA for the Street

Battlefield Kali is a distillation of the Filipino Martial Art’s by JKD Unlimited Founder Burton Richardson. Battlefield Kali focuses on techniques that will work in real world close quarter combat situations. This class includes resitance training (i.e. sparring). All Fight, No Fluff! This is Kali!

Inosanto JKD

WITH shawn and jon meyer and shane kremelmeyer

JKD Concepts Full Instructors

This class is aimed at advanced practitioners of JKD Concepts.


Jim Cornish & Jim Lentz

Kenpo is an art focused on one thing, defending yourself and your loved ones from a violent encounter. Come in and learn the essential building blocks of self defense. Great for practitioners of all levels and adults of all ages.

Weekly class schedule

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Frequently asked Questions

Can I start without experience?

All of our classes are open to practitioners of all levels, including beginners! With the exception of our Advanced Inosanto JKD class, all classes have built in progressions for new students to help them gradually pick up the skills and move to intermediate and advanced levels of skill. We also offer introductory programs, contact us now to ask about what programs are currently running!

Are there multiple martial arts schools in this location?

While that is one way to look at it, we have a more inclusive way of thinking about it. Our Academy is like a University and in a university there are different colleges that focus on different disciplines (i.e. College of Engineering, College of Medicine, etc.). That’s exactly what is going on here at the Academy. We have 4 different lineages sharing the mats. That way, you can choose an area/s of focus or train in each class broadly. The schedule can be tailored to fit the needs and objectives of anyone interested in pursuing martial arts and functional self defense at a world class level.

Is the introductory lesson really free?

Yes! You can try each of our classes for free! This gives you the opportunity to try each of the classes you are interested in to ensure you find the classes that best fit your needs and goals!